Breathwork Teacher Training Online
We Rise By Lifting Others.

To transform what you see on the outside of your life,
first you have to transform what you feel on the inside...
and these courses will do just that.


Do You Want to Learn How to Change Lives?

(Starting with your own)...


Everything out there today is "Life Changing" but so few things actually are. And if they are it takes a long time for the
change to actually take effect. That is not the case with this style of Breathwork. People feel it's life changing effects
from the very first session AND the results are undeniable...even for the biggest of sceptics.

I know because I was one myself and this practice transformed every area of my life.

I knew Breathwork had changed my life

and it was so fast and profound that I wanted to share it
with as many people as I could.


It helped me with everything; confidence, trauma, relationships, stress, anger you name it. It cleared all my issues out “Like 20 years of therapy without saying a word” which is the most common statement I hear from people.

When I found Breathwork, almost 5 years  ago, it was really “New Agey” and “Woo Woo” as they say. I was sort of embarrassed to tell people about my journeys, but everyone kept asking me what I was doing because it created such a sudden and obvious change in me. I was so much more calm, present, loving and open in a way I’d never been before. In one of my own Breathwork sessions it came to me that if someone… “Me”, taught this in a way that wasn’t so weird for most people then they’d have serval hundred maybe even thousands of people doing Breathwork at the same time. Turns out I was right.

My method of teaching Breathwork is for everyday people who are struggling or who want to create change in some way, or some area of their life.

Breathwork isn’t that hard to learn but it takes some focus and commitment to actually do it. Taking people through Breathwork requires the right confidence in the technique and in yourself – and that’s exactly what this course is going to create for you. First, you will have your own personal experience and transformation through this technique or practice, and then you will learn the best way(s) to communicate the things that may come up for the client or student during a session, so that they feel safe enough to have a deep experience with you guiding them.


Considering Becoming a

Certified Breathwork Teacher….

I’ve trained hundreds of people all over the world on how to change lives with Breathwork. They always come
backand tell me it’s the most rewarding and fulfilling thing they’ve ever done in their lives. Not only will you will
make a massive impact on people’s lives but you’ll make a great living while doing it.
Enormous Demand.

Breathwork is one of the fastest growing practices on the planet right now. In the last 5 years the
Google search for “Breathwork” has gone up over 900% and even Vogue Magazine called it the new
Yoga. There is a shortage in teachers so there’s never been a better time.

Fast results.

We live in a world of instant gratification and people want results immediately. Breathwork delivers
those results whether you believe in it or not and the results are undeniable from the very first time.

No overhead.

I have students who post about their classes on Social Media and lead the classes via Zoom or Skype.
They are making a living without leaving their house. You don’t need experience or equipment to get
started as a Breathwork Teacher.


It’s all natural and you’re using what’s already inside of yourself. You don’t have to fly to South America
to do Ayahuasca and puke in the jungle to have a massive awakening. You can do Breathwork in your
office on a Tuesday when you’re having a bad day.

Get certified from home.

You can do this course anytime, anywhere you like and come back to it and review the material when-
ever you want. I spent a lot of time, energy, and money recording my live in-person trainings and con-
verting them into the most practical and comprehensive online training.


Where should I start my Breathwork Training?


7-Day Emotional Release This section is the best place to begin, as you will have your own personal experience of transformation, through Breathwork and the exercises. Teaching from a place of your own experience through Breathwork is always the most authentic way to teach. Combining Breathwork with the exercises in this course will create massive transformation even for the most seasoned Breathworker.


Basics & One-on-One Next I’m going to teach you exactly how to, not only guide someone safely through an incredibly powerful BW session, but also all of the steps from beginning to end - making sure you know exactly what issues and problems may arise and best how to navigate through them safely. We cover the basics of Breathwork and the reasons why we focus on one technique is because that one technique creates the fastest change in the shortest amount of time. Clients want results quickly. You can and should start doing One-on-One sessions immediately after completing this training


How to Lead Couples & Groups Finally, whether you are experienced with Breathwork or not, getting up in front of a room full of people can be pretty intimidating. This course will help you find your authentic voice and give you the confidence you need to lead. Additionally, watching couples heal their relationship with a specific technique, combined with Breathwork, will be one of the most gratifying things you’ll ever experience.

7-Day Emotional Breathe Release

Just some of the benefits of this course:
  • Overcome fear and self-doubt and have authentic confidence in a way like never before
  • Clear years of trauma and emotional baggage
  • Develop new tools that you can use daily or in difficult times and situations in your life
  • Find new purpose, focus and clarity
  • Develop self-worth and self-love in a way you didn’t know was possible.
  • Rewire old belief patterns and replace with new positive ones
  • Discover how to feel gratitude daily

Basics & One-on-One


  • How to guide a one-on-one session demo
  • What is Breathwork?
  • Holding Space
  • What is Tetany, what causes it, and how to deal with it
  • Paradoxical Breathing and how to fix it
  • Setting intention
  • Do’s & Don’t when guiding a session
  • Music playlist Formula
  • Session Tools
  • Exchange (money or otherwise)
  • Pre & Post Session Do’s and don’t
  • Intention setting
  • How to do a Negative energy cleanse Session
  • Different Breathwork styles and why we do this one
  • Transformational letter
  • Boundaries & Ethics
  • Liability waiver, Liability insurance
  • Breathwork Certification
  • Dozens of questions asked and answered
  • Several Session demonstrations
  • Guided Breathwork Tracks
  • Plus much more…

How to Lead Couples & Groups


  • How to guide a one-on-one session demo
  • Demo Sessions (Husband & Wife) & (Mother & Daughter)
  • Emotional distance
  • Tool to end conflict
  • The Five Love Languages
  • Tips, techniques, and tools when leading a class
  • Playlist formula for a class
  • Finding your voice
  • Being your authentic self while teaching
  • Different Breathwork techniques
  • What to say in class and why
  • Write your legacy
  • Boundaries & Ethics
  • Liability waiver, Liability insurance
  • Breathwork Certification
  • Dozens of questions asked and answered
  • Several Session demonstrations
  • Guided Breathwork Tracks
  • Plus much more…

Your best life awaits

Begin your own journey of breathwork today and also the beautiful, empowering journey to helping support others through breath.