We invite you to join us on our first three day retreat to transform from within. This retreat will be a one of a kind healing process as we go back to the foundations and fundamentals of the mind, body and soul.

During this immersive three day retreat we will be going back to basics in all aspects of life - living, healing and growing. An opportunity to let go of your past, reclaim your power and dream in a future you deserve.

Through our self embodiment and mental health practices we will work to take back what we so often have given or had taken away – childhood, youth, confidence, self worth, joy, love and so much more.This will be a chance to heal and revive self, addressing all of who you are, so that you can return to living a happier more balanced and fulfilling life.




  • 3 Nights Accommodation on a private property
  • Basic camping equipment - 2 people per tent
  • Bedding (you are welcome to bring your own)
  • All meals and snacks
  • Gift upon arrival
  • 21 Day Integration Program at the conclusion of the retreat