Amend level 1 Workshop: workshops are created to support participants to build and grow their self-awareness. Focusing on thought, feeling and behaviour patterns.

A safe space to work through their generational trauma, anger, depression, anxiety, and fear. Also a space where participant's will learn simple yet effective tools to help them to navigate their way through life in a healthy way. A transformational holistic experience that forms the catalyst for personal growth.


  • 9 hour workshop
  • 10 day after care programme
  • 10 day after care support space
  • Simple daily life tools
  • 1 after care community catch up
  • Amend T-shirt


Amend Level 2 Workshop - You MUST have completed a previous Amend level 1 workshop or Amend Walk before you can attend level 2.

This workshop was created to support participants to dive deep into the knowing and understanding of self and why the work shop is named "Who the fux an I". 2 days of exercises and tasks to have clarity of who you are and your why.


  • 18 hour workshop over two days
  • Home work tasks
  • 14 day after care programme
  • 2 month post workshop follow up support check in

Both workshops are suitable for all ages from 18 years and over. If you wish to bring youth from 16 years please contact us via email before purchasing your tickets as this will be determined on a case by case bases.

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for workshop/walk tickets.

Work Shop Dates: 

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