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The Perfect Solution If You Want to literally change your life for GOOD.So You Can Reach Your Full Potential, Leave A Legacy And Become the BEST VERSION of YOU in every area of your life in Under 8 Weeks...


100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE...YES! I Want To Join The Best Man Mentorship Program

Results Guaranteed - Follow Our Program & Change Your Life In 8 Weeks... Or We Work For Free!

Next round begins Monday 12th August 2024 !!! 

NOTE: All 8 weekly zoom calls will be at 6pm AEST Monday.

"Good leaders don't make  excuses. Instead, they figure out a way to get it done and win" - Jocko Willink

Don't Risk Growing Old Regretting Not Being The Best Man Possible For Your Loved Ones. Take The Leap!

Extreme Actions = Extreme Results

 You are here for a reason, meant to be heard, and history will remember your name if you take action now. Your ancestors did not risk their lives to give you life so you could live an average existence without reaching your full potential. The Best Man Mentorship is the perfect gateway to building a life that produces your desired results. A life where you have all the money, happiness, love, sex, fulfilment and connection you truly crave.

Don't get the results you wanted? we will refund you in full...YES! I Want To Join The Best Man Mentorship Program

Results Guaranteed - Follow Our Program & Change Your Life In 8 Weeks... Or We Work For Free!

Are you fed up with repeating the same cycles and patterns over & over in your life?

This rare & shockingly powerful mentorship opportunity is focused on reprogramming your subconscious mind for lasting change. It's about creating the life you have always dreamt of and becoming the MAN you need to be to get you there.

The Best Man Mentorship is dedicated to rewiring you so you can take your POWER back. It's an opportunity to let go of feeling unfulfilled in your life so you can finally discover who you truly are + give your family the best life they could possibly experience while on this earth.

Everything taught inside this mentorship experience is proven & battle tested from the real transformational experiences of thousands of men. The result is...





It is your duty to make your bloodline mean something. Is it time you did something about it?

F*ck Yes! I'm Ready To Take Action


How Good Could Life Get For Your Loved Ones If You Finally Performed At Your FULL Potential?

YES! I Want To Join The Best Man Mentorship Program

The life you have today directly results from the life you created yesterday. The things you do and the things you KNOW are derived from WHO you know.

Ask yourself WHY you are heading down your current path.

If you change how you act, learn and live, plus the people you interact with, you can finally live limitlessly. 

If not now, WHEN?

Inside the Best Man Mentorship, you WILL learn tools to take control and CHOOSE YOUR path in life.

Best Man Mentorship


Payment Plans Available

  • Access to literally change your life in the most powerful way.
  • 1-On-1 Mentorship¬†
  • 8 x Weekly Zoom Calls¬†
  • Private access to our Daily Communication Hub
  • Small intermit group of men for accountability
  • 2 x Coaches
  • Weekly content and¬†information¬†videos
  • Reprogramming Meditations¬†¬†
  • Reprogramming Theta audio sound tracks
  • A Powerful, Customised 'Growth' Tool Kit
* This Mentorship will sell out.
10x spots only.        

Results Guaranteed - Follow Our Program & Change Your Life In 8 Weeks... Or We Work For Free!


Here Is Some Of What You Will Do/Get:


Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind. Embark on a transformative journey as our mentorship dives into reprogramming your subconscious mind. Expert guidance and proven techniques will unleash your untapped potential.


Define your goals with precision and create a clear roadmap for your desired future. We specialize in turning abstract dreams into a tangible, step-by-step guide.



Over 8 weeks, each module strategically focuses on specific aspects of reprogramming and goal setting. Gradually transform through comprehensive, week-by-week learning.



Engage in dynamic learning with interactive sessions, Q&A opportunities, and collaborative exercises. Our online platform fosters community and accelerates your growth.



Receive personalised strategies aligned with your unique strengths, challenges, and aspirations. It's about surpassing your goals, not just reaching them.


Integrate cutting-edge neuroscientific principles to leverage brain plasticity for lasting changes. Align your thoughts, beliefs, and actions for profound, sustainable results.



Acquire tools to master your subconscious mind, identifying and reprogramming limiting beliefs for a mindset geared toward success and fulfillment.



Walk away with a toolkit to manifest your vision, from goal-setting frameworks to daily practices, ensuring tangible achievements and sustained success.



Prepare for a transformation that exceeds expectations. This mentorship is not just a program; it's a catalyst for a life-altering shift. Enroll now and unlock the doors to your envisioned future. 

What Past Participants Are Saying...

Erik Sokolov

I participated in the Best Man Mentorship and honestly, this has changed my life the most by far. I've always been a very driven and successful person, but I was never satisfied, always searching for the next big thing that might finally make me happy. With this program, Wa has provided me with all the tools to lead my life as happily as possible, anytime, anywhere, and under any circumstances. The way I show up for myself, my partner, family, friends, and other relationships has had the most significant impact. If you want to lead a happy and fulfilling life, in my opinion, this program is the foundation for it. I recommend it to anyone who truly wants to make a change in their life. Thank you, Wa, from the bottom of my heart. I'll be forever grateful for everything you've taught me.

Tyson Ownen

I completed 8 week best man Mentorship. This was one of the best experiences of my life. It challenged me in ways I never thought it would and it helped me to become the best man I could be. I can’t express how grateful I am for the brother Wa for his guidance and showing me a new life. I’ve learnt tools that will stay with me for ever. It taught me to be more aware and be more in present moment of my life. Also helped me to face the side of me that I have avoided for so long. I loved every moment of this space , knowledge and tools I had learnt , the safe space , the love and brotherhood will be with me until I’m old. I feel as this Mentorship reborn me again. Gave me new meaning and purpose. If nothing change’s nothing changes.

Trevor Kapoor

This Mentorship is honestly a life changer. There is only 1 regret I have and that is not doing this sooner. I have shifted my life completely I now know the man I am. I am now the father and husband I have always wanted to be now. The support network through out this Mentorship is outstanding. My life has changed for the better by entering into this space. Now let yourself and loved ones and those around you get the best version of you.. there is nothing to loose and everything to gain by doing this Mentorship.

YES! I Want To Join The Best Man Mentorship Program

Results Guaranteed - Follow Our Program & Change Your Life In 8 Weeks... Or We Work For Free!

What do the men who have worked with Watene have to say?


"Since working with Wa, my thoughts are 300% better about myself. One because I wanted to change the result of the Olympic games to gold and two I wanted a better relationship with myself. Im showing up as a better boyfriend, better son and as a better friend. Working Wa has truely changed my life."

"Call it fate, luck, destiny, province we became bonded together. At the start I had a lot of doubt and anxiety, thankfully we saw this journey through together. Wa gently reminded me every step of the way you get out what you put in. I would like to thank you for blessing me, blessing my family. "

YES! I Want To Join The Best Man Mentorship Program

Results Guaranteed - Follow Our Program & Change Your Life In 8 Weeks... Or We Work For Free!

100% money back guarantee

Results Guaranteed - If You Genuinely Follow Our Program, Execute All The Steps & Show Up For The Coaching Sessions... Yet STILL Don't Change Your Life In 8 Weeks... We Will Work For Free!

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The Best Man Mentorship will wake you the fu*k up to your own excuses that are simply holding you back.


It will empower you to quite LITERALLY install new belief systems within so that you are empowered to take ownership of YOUR LIFE.

OK! I'm Ready To Invest In Myself - And For My Family!

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