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Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About How To Heal From The Past So You Can Finally Move Forward & Feel Limitless


"Your Journey To Healing within" 

"Embark on a transformative journey with 'Inner Heal,' our comprehensive 6-week online program meticulously designed to guide you in healing yourself from the inside out. This immersive experience is crafted to unravel the layers within, addressing not just the symptoms but the core of your well-being. Explore proven practices and insights that nurture your inner self, fostering a holistic transformation that extends beyond the surface. Say goodbye to limiting beliefs and embrace a renewed sense of inner vitality. It's time to embark on a healing odyssey within, redefining your wellness from the very core."

Accept The Challenge - Join The Online InnerHeal program

Results 100% Guaranteed • If You Complete The Steps & Still Don't See Progress, We'll Refund Every Cent!

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten" - Tony Robbins


"Your Journey to Healing Within"

"Failing to address past trauma can cast a lingering shadow over your present and future. Unhealed wounds from the past may manifest as persistent emotional pain, impacting your relationships, hindering personal growth, and limiting your overall well-being. Untreated trauma can become a heavy burden, influencing decision-making, triggering stress, and fostering a cycle of negative patterns. Ignoring the need for healing may lead to a perpetual struggle, hindering your ability to experience life with the fullness and joy it has to offer. It's essential to recognize the profound impact of unhealed trauma and take proactive steps towards your own recovery and well-being."

"InnerHeal is your pathway to self-discovery and healing in just 6 weeks. This program is designed to guide you on a transformative journey, unraveling the layers within and fostering healing from the inside out. Experience profound changes in your well-being as InnerHeal empowers you to address past traumas and embrace a renewed sense of inner vitality. In just six weeks, unlock the potential for healing and rediscover the joy of living a life free from the constraints of unresolved pain."


Accept The Challenge - Join The Online InnerHeal Program

Results 100% Guaranteed • If You Complete The Steps & Still Don't See Progress, We'll Refund Every Cent!

Shockingly Powerful Personal Growth & Self-Development

Get ready for the most life-changing, battle-tested 42-day online self-development program to help you realise your truest potential. The Warrior program focuses on personal growth and self-development by teaching you the habits and principles necessary to live a genuinely fulfilling life free from limitations.

100% Quality Over Quantity - Life-Changing Results

You don't have to tear your life apart to achieve change. You can only continue to move forward if you first know WHY you are moving forward. Unlike many other self-development programs, this 6-week program also teaches you to slow down and take each lesson daily, ensuring the habits and lessons are thoroughly ingrained before adding the next.

Nothing Will Change Unless You Change

As part of this powerful program, you will receive weekly coaching videos from Watene Waenga + a comprehensive workbook outlining your habit-forming plan to become the best version of yourself, so you can become an inspiration for the people you care about the most.

You + This InnerHeal program = everything you need!


You've come here for a reason. Whether it's the start of your journey to self-discovery or you're already deep into the work, you're looking for more.

What would it feel like to wake up everyday truly grateful? Feeling healthier, happier and more fulfilled in life?

To have the awareness and understanding that everything you have ever wanted in life is within your grasp. 

To know that healing and growth is just 42 days away?

Yes, you read that right, 42 days to make the necessary changes that will impact your life forever!

With the right tools, guidance and support you are able to live a life free from limitations.

Accept The Challenge - Join The Online InnerHeal Program

Results 100% Guaranteed • If You Complete The Steps & Still Don't See Progress, We'll Refund Every Cent!


When you commit to this program 100%, you can expect >>>

Accept The Challenge - Join The Online InnerHeal Program
  • To wakeup everyday grateful for the life you live, feeling healthier, happier, and with purpose
  • To finally heal from and let go of any trauma experienced in your life
  • Learn to love yourself wholeheartedly and unapologetically resulting in self-confidence 
  • Compassion, understanding, love and abundance - this I can promise - you will start to look at situations differently, no longer being triggered by the everyday things

Online InnerHeal Program



  • 100% exclusive access to our private online portal
  • Comprehensive customised workbook
  • Access to powerful step-by-step coaching videos from Watene Waenga
  • Secret access to tools, guidance and support to help unleash the real you

How does it work?

Access to the Online Platform

After completing the sign up you will receive an email to set up your personal online account. This means you will now have access to the content from wherever you are, whenever you like.  

Weekly Videos

Each week you'll receive a detailed online video lesson, along with comprehensive and action-based related content to read, watch, and listen to.

Weekly Tasks

In addition to the weekly videos and downloadable workbooks, you will also receive 2 weekly touchpoints from me (Watene) via email to ensure you're staying on track and doing what you promised yourself you would - the work!




Creating New Habits

To achieve sustainable change, preparing for 'change' is essential, which is why the first week is dedicated to creating new daily habits and routines that align to your highest values.


Self Awareness

Focuses on objectively evaluating yourself and how your actions, thoughts and emotions align to your standards and learn how to manage your emotions and align behaviour with your values. 


Childhood Trauma

Traumatic experiences can elicit strong emotional and physical reactions that can persist long after the event. During this week, we will break free from these experiences through processing and letting go.


Shadow Work

This week we focus on bringing the unconscious into conscious awareness by asking objective questions that elicit critical thinking and reexamining old stories and beliefs we hold about ourselves. 



One of the hardest things is forgiveness. This week we focus on exploring the decision to let go of resentment and thoughts of revenge, freeing yourself from the control of experiences that have hurt or offended you. 


Vision Quest

The final week is about integration. This right of passage represents the turning-point in your life. This is the point where you apply all the knowledge you have gained to turn it into abundance.

Accept The Challenge - Join The Online InnerHeal Program

Results 100% Guaranteed • If You Complete The Steps & Still Don't See Progress, We'll Refund Every Cent!

How do I know if this program is for me?

Perfect for you if:


 You're ready to stop spinning your wheels and wasting time living in the past

 You are open and willing to do the work

✔ You're overwhelmed by doing this on your own and wish you had someone to help lay out the steps and a community to help motivate you on this journey

 You find yourself paralysed with comparison/upper limit problems/imposter syndrome 

✔ You are ready to step out of the comfort zone and into something better

Not for you if:


 You're an excuse maker

 You aren't willing to take advice and be coachable

 You can't invest in yourself and your success

✘ You aren't ready to take the necessary steps to move your life to the next level

 You want to keep procrastinating, being unproductive, and staying at the same level you are currently at

Hear what our past participants have to say


Lissa Coleman

'These programs and workshops awaken you in a way that will change your life. Choose you and your life changes!'

Jayden Winterburn

'It gave me direction and purpose, which then allowed me to step into unknown to allow myself to grow and stand in my energy and permeate greatness.'

Accept The Challenge - Join The Online Innerheal Program

Results 100% Guaranteed • If You Complete The Steps & Still Don't See Progress, We'll Refund Every Cent!

Accept The Challenge - Join The Online InnerHeal Program

Results 100% Guaranteed • If You Complete The Steps & Still Don't See Progress, We'll Refund Every Cent!