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A Truly Life-Changing Experience - Are You Ready?

Life as we know it has changed.


We are being called to adapt, grow and start living with purpose, YOUR purpose.


This one day workshop will help you gain a better understanding of yourself, develop and improve your self-awareness and self-esteem, and show you how much choice lies ahead. You have arrived on this page because you are ready - you have a desire for development, growth and success. And this workshop will help you not only realise it but achieve it.

I'm Ready

"You are the only one that can limit your greatness!"

Self Awareness.


Our workshops are for people who want to heal, to find their way back to feeling like themselves. They are about healing from past trauma, finding your voice and rediscovering your connection with self.

They will challenge you, support you, and offer diverse ways for you to explore who you are.

Amend Workshops are a full day experience, combining healing, community, self awareness and creating the life you have always dreamt of.

One Day Workshop

What you can expect

  • A safe, judgement-free space to explore every aspect of yourself
  • Tools to help you create patterns that serve your best self 
  • Tools to assist you in working through and letting go of unhealthy behaviour patterns
  • Tools that you may use in your everyday life to help you improve your life
  • Highly experienced facilitators with a broad range of life experience to guide and support you.
I am in!

How are you... Really?


When we are asked, "How are you doing?" we instinctively respond "I'm OK", despite the reality that we may not be fine at all. Society has taught us to hide our true feelings and reply with the usual, simple solution. These workshops provides a safe and nurturing space to express any built up emotions, as well as teaching you to how to manage emotions day to day.


Check in with yourself...

Have you noticed that you're having more emotional outbursts or that you're tired of repeating extremely unhealthy patterns of behaviour?

Do you struggle to find your voice, communicate your boundaries and connect with your true self? 

Are you lacking purpose, direction and clarity in your life? Do wish you had more energy and time to do the things you love?

If you answered YES, maybe it's time for change?

A safe, judgement-free space to explore every aspect of yourself

2024 Men's Workshops

All workshops begin at 9am-5pm, venues TBC.


Perth - Sunday 14th April 2024 - Queen Victoria St, North Fremantle WA 6159

Melbourne - Sunday 18th February  2024 - Craigeburn Area

Geraldton, Western Australia- 85 Durlacher st, Gealdton (Point Blank Fitness) Saturday 23rd March 2024 - GET TICKETS HERE



Bayern- Sunday 7th July 2024 - Muenchen Area





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Hear what our amazing clients have to say


My attendance at a women's workshop was an unforgettable heart opening experience. I've never felt in a safer place to become so vulnerable and shift negative energies and self doubts. The group of individuals and the humans running the workshop were beyond incredible, the sharing of stories and inspirational moments was amazing. Open your heart and mind to this team, heal your soul 💖

Bronte Fient

Seriously amazing! I have been on a journey of self-development for many years. But nothing has catapulted my growth more than Amend. Beautiful people that know how to create a beautiful community of conscious people for the better of humanity. Thank you for changing my life for the better.

Elliot Chenery

Are you ready to clear out the old & call in the new?

I'm Ready!