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The Amend Breathwork Experience

  "Elevate your existence with expertly curated sound and breathwork encounters that pave the way for transformative and life-altering experiences.




  • Multi Dimensional sound: The future of auditory experiences with Multi-Dimensional Sound, where layers of audio intertwine to create a rich, immersive sonic landscape that transcends conventional listening.
  • Binaural Brain Entrainment:¬†an innovative technique that harnesses the power of precisely calibrated audio frequencies. Immerse yourself in a symphony of tones designed to synchronize your brainwaves, leading to enhanced focus, relaxation, and cognitive performance.
  • Solfeggio Frequencies: an ancient musical scale with the power to harmonise the body, mind, and spirit. These sacred frequencies, rooted in centuries-old tradition, resonate with distinct healing properties. From promoting deep relaxation to facilitating spiritual growth, each Solfeggio Frequency carries unique benefits.
  • Iso-chronic Brainwave Tones:¬†a cutting-edge audio technology designed to synchronise and optimize your brainwaves. Through precisely timed pulses, these tones stimulate specific brainwave frequencies, fostering mental clarity, focus, and relaxation¬†
  • 432Hz Harmonic Tuning: an ancient and resonant frequency that aligns with the natural rhythms of the universe. Embraced for its perceived ability to promote tranquility and balance, this tuning frequency is believed to connect with the vibrational patterns of nature.
  • Somatic Breathwork:¬†a dynamic practice that goes beyond conventional breathing techniques to engage the body, mind, and spirit. Through intentional, conscious breathing, Somatic Breathwork aims to release tension, unblock emotional energy, and promote self-discovery.¬†
  • Subliminal Hypnotic Therapy:¬†a revolutionary approach that combines subliminal messaging and hypnotic techniques to influence the subconscious mind positively. Through carefully crafted audio or visual stimuli, Subliminal Hypnotic Therapy aims to bypass the conscious mind, reaching the deeper layers of awareness.



It is just like the gym for the physically fit... 


"Experience our transformative Amend Breathwork, where upgrading and maintaining mental health becomes a collective endeavour. Immerse yourself in the powerful fusion of mindfulness and breath work. This life-changing practice not only enhances your mental well-being but also fosters lasting effects within the supportive framework our our accredited facilitators. By stepping into our multidimensional Amend Breathwork, you'll discover heightened resilience, stress relief, and emotional balance, laying the groundwork for enduring mental wellness that echoes throughout our shared journey."

Experience Our Amend Breathwork

What you can expect

  • Transformative Journeys: Expect to embark on profound inner journeys as Amend Breathwork opens doorways to dimensions within yourself. Each session is a transformative experience, guiding you towards self-discovery and personal growth.

  • Supportive Community: Join a like-minded community that values well-being and self-exploration. Our Amend Breathwork community provides a supportive space where individuals share insights, encouragement, and a collective commitment to mental and emotional wellness.

  • Expert Guidance: Anticipate expert guidance from skilled facilitators who are dedicated to your journey. Our community is led by experienced professionals who understand the nuances of Amend Breathwork, offering support, insights, and personalised guidance to enhance your experience.

  • Deep Mental Health Support: Experience the profound impact of Amend Breathwork on mental health. This community is a sanctuary for those seeking deep mental well-being, providing tools and practices that go beyond the surface, fostering resilience, stress relief, and emotional balance.¬†


"Expertly crafted sound and Breathwork, this experience serves as the mental health gym, building resilience and well-being with a profound impact that resonates and flows into every area of your life."

Why Should I  Step Into The Amend Breathwork Experience ?


  1. Break Free from Mental Shackles: Join our Amend Breathwork community to break free from the chains of mental anguish. Experience a powerful release from the grip of stress, anxiety, and the weight of unresolved emotions, paving the way for newfound mental freedom.

  2. Community of Understanding: In our tight-knit community, find solace and understanding. Connect with individuals who share similar struggles, providing a judgment-free zone where you can openly express yourself. The collective empathy and shared experiences act as a powerful antidote to the isolation often felt in mental health challenges.

  3. Guidance for Personal Growth: Access expert guidance from accredited facilitators dedicated to your personal growth. Our community is a beacon of support, offering tailored advice and proven techniques to address the unique pain points of your mental health journey.

  4. Lasting Relief, Not Quick Fixes: Unlike temporary solutions, Amend Breathwork offers lasting relief. Engage with our community consistently, and witness a gradual but profound shift in your mental well-being. Say goodbye to short-lived fixes and embrace a journey towards sustained mental health.

  5. Empowerment Over Helplessness: Joining our Amend experience empowers you to reclaim control over your mental health. Through the transformative power of Amend Breathwork, discover resilience, emotional balance, and a renewed sense of purpose. This isn't just a breathing; it's a catalyst for your empowerment and a pathway to a more fulfilling life.


We have facilitators in 2 states across Australia. Western Australia and Victoria. In person session are by enquiry, so that we can discuss the details with you. Enquire by clicking the link below.

"This video captures the essence of an Amend group Breathwork session exclusively for men. Witness as they collectively immerse themselves in this transformative experience, sharing a journey that unfolds beyond their expectations. Post-session, their testimonials echo a unanimous sentiment‚ÄĒthey've never encountered anything like this in their lives. The profound impact of Amend Breathwork on their well-being and the shared sense of awe reflect the unique and unparalleled nature of this life-altering practice".


Let this message sink in.... We must address our mental health.


"Illuminating the undeniable truth: neglecting your mental health is a debt that inevitably demands payment. Left unchecked, its effects will take over¬†your life. Our Amend Breathwork community stands as a beacon, a simple yet powerful ongoing solution‚ÄĒan imperative life choice. By actively engaging in this transformative practice, you refuse to ignore the consequences of neglect. Instead, you opt for empowerment, resilience, and enduring positive change. The choice is clear: invest in your mental well-being with the unwavering support of our Amend Breathwork community."

What is Amend  Breathwork doing for others...


"After just two Amend Breathwork session, everything changed for me. It's hard to put into words, but something unexplainable happened. The combination of sound and breath brought out a strength and clarity I didn't know I had. It's like I entered a new space where things just clicked. This experience is simple yet extraordinary, I have a sense of empowerment that's hard to describe and seriously impossible to ignore."

Luke Toope

"Since doing Amend Breathwork, my life has taken a turn I couldn't have imagined. After a few sessions, I felt an unexplainable shift within me‚ÄĒa new sense of calm and clarity. This transformation has not only impacted me personally but has also flowed¬†into my relationships. I feel like¬†I'm¬†a better partner and dad, more present and meeting the needs of my loved ones. It's like this simple yet powerful practice has unlocked a version of myself that I never knew was possible. I love this for me and my¬†family."¬†

Joseph Utiera

"Are you ready to break free from the grip of stress and rediscover your inner strength? Join our 9D Breathwork community today and embark on a transformative journey towards lasting mental well-being. Your readiness is the key ‚Äď sign up now and breathe life into a revitalised you!"